tower infrastructure Provider

With the shift towards Self-Organizing Networks (SONs) and Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, thereby reducing the OpEx on telecom infrastructure, service providers are empowered to look a positive increase in their margins. Tower Infrastructure Providers (TIPs), enabling active and passive infrastructure sharing, must balance must-haves and must-dos in serving service providers. The imperative is not only deploying and operating towers but also efficiently managing telecom towers on a daily basis. ISON Technologies helps TIPs to optimize wireless technologies, reduce complexity, and improve network performance.

While comprehensive network security, efficient tower management, stringent SLAs and active customer commitment will define the future, we ensure active and passive infrastructure management for tower infrastructure providers.

Our solutions and service offerings help the clients in:

  • Comprehensive network design and network security
  • Reduced reaction time minimized downtime
  • Efficient operations and billing accuracy
  • Tight control on SLAs