Tower Operations Center

The future of tower infrastructure providers will be defined by comprehensive network security, efficient tower management, stringent SLAs and active customer commitment. ISON Technologies offers a comprehensive, best-in-class Tower Operations Center solution ensuring efficient tower management operations and billing accuracy. Our Tower Operations Center solution includes management of active and passive elements including towers, shelters, power management system, alarms, energy meters, cameras, backhaul, transmission equipment, switches routers, access control and temperature.

The solution provides following benefits to clients:

  • Comprehensive network design and network security
  • Reduced reaction time minimized downtime
  • Efficient operations and billing accuracy
  • Tighter control on SLAs
  • Automated real-time collection and analysis of event data from sensors deployed at tower sites
  • Proactive incident management
  • Dashboards to centrally monitor and manage large, distributed tower infrastructure along with orchestrating and tracking operational processes
  • Ability to optimize fuel and energy consumption through a deeper understanding and accurate analysis of the status of site and assets
  • Intelligent automation of infrastructure management processes and a wealth of insights to drive asset performance and energy efficiency