While dealing with multiple stakeholders in a competitive environment, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) often face challenges in realizing revenues across the value chain. A holistic approach is needed to protect revenue at various stages from order orchestration through cash collection, to be able to cater to convergent services and extended partner value-chains for service providers.

Our revenue assurance solution holistically identifies, corrects and prevents revenue leakage across your entire revenue chain – from initial order to final settlement with customers and partners – and allows you to monitor the integrity of your assurance cycle.

Our comprehensive solution enables initial risk assessment, monitoring of control points, plus reporting and case management for every contingency. The solution is well equipped to handle challenges related to multiple sets of BSS/OSS systems, growing numbers of new products and services as well as large volumes of data.

The solution provides following benefits to clients:

  • Unique architecture possesses capabilities to detect even newer forms of revenue leakage
  • Highly optimized technology stack to reduce Total Cost Ownership, hardware and storage requirements
  • Integrated Alarm and Case Management to enable active monitoring and rapid closure
  • Integrated Test Call Generation, xDR Simulation, Rating and Billing Assurance Capabilities
  • Rapid and effective phased deployment methodology and realizing rapid ROI