Oracle Utilities

Client Testimonials

I am once again privileged to report that the Upgrade of CC&B in ADDC and AADC is also accomplished successfully. The work conducted with precision over the week end and with close collaboration of all team members, which comprised of iSON, ORACLE, INJAZAT, SUN, AADC users and the project team.
Technical Advisor - ADWEA

iSON Oracle Utilities Offerings


The Utility companies are at the forefront of adopting digital transformation and learning new ways to move at a faster pace. This allows them to align and synchronize their operations to optimize returns on innovation and investments. The need for digitalization is further augmented by tighter regulations governing customer service, climate change, and emissions. These important factors are driving utilities to transform and address the challenges to meet the expectations of stakeholders.

As a result, the utility company of tomorrow must significantly impact the lives of its consumers while addressing business challenges, adopting technology evolution, adhering to social and environmental concerns. iSON through its vast experience in the implementation of mission-critical applications has benefited large and medium-sized utility customers. With the adaptation of enhanced customer service, using the latest technology & trends, our best practices have ultimately helped utilities achieve all-around operational excellence.

The iSON utilities are working round the clock to ensure that every system linked to it leverages automation and the power of analytics to transform operations and reduce the cost to serve customers. Our digital solutions refine actionable insights from enterprise assets, smart devices, smart meters, and business processes.

Domain Expertise

iSON domain expertise in Utilities encompasses:




Waste Water

District Cooling

Oracle Utilities Applications

iSON has been implementing the most comprehensive applications and business processes to empower utility business transformation over the years. Providing consulting services across Utility Value Chain for implementation and maintenance of Oracle’s Utility applications is one of the core activities.This includes products from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Billing to Smart Metering and Asset Operations.

Customer Operations

  • Oracle Utilities offer an efficient Customer Care and Billing system (CC&B)

Meter Operations

  • Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management system (MDM)
  • Oracle Utilities Load Analysis
  • Oracle Utilities Analytics

Asset Operations

  • Oracle Utilities Work & Asset Management
  • Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management Systems (MWM)
  • Oracle Utilities Operational Device Management
  • Oracle Utilities Analytics

iSON Proprietary Solutions

E-Services Portal

  • Online Registration for Commercial and Residential Customers
  • Large Customer (Corporate/Government) Registration by Portal Administrators
  • Password Management (forget password etc.)
  • Customer Profile Management (view and update)
  • Customer Account details
  • Consumption History, Bill History, Payment History
  • Add Meter Read
  • Online Bill Payment
  • Pay for a friend
  • Service Requests (Move In and Move Out)
  • High Bill Complaint
  • Track Service Request Status
  • Business Notifications via Email and SMS
  • Customer Document Upload (if supported by Empower’s existing or planned Document Management System)
  • Manage Beneficiary Accounts of large Government/Commercial Customers
  • Locate Us
  • Portal Account Cancellation

Print Apps

  • Fully integrated with CC&B
  • Extract & Dispatch of Bills, Statements & Letters
  • Multiple Communication Channels for Dispatch of Bills , Statements and LettersMultilingual (English and Arabic) Support

iSON has successfully delivered several projects in all the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. All major Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) implementation in the region.

The knowledge and experience drawn from years in the operations of Utility Companies in the GCC Region, allows a more organized and integrated approach to activities involving Customer Relations, Billing and Collections, Meter and Workforce Management and places iSON into an advantageous position and brings additional benefit to its customers in terms of implementation of industry best practice.

Value Proposition

There are various Products Tightly Integrated with CC&B and offer a variety of value propositions.

Standard Interfaces

  • Financial System, Interactive voice response (IVR), Inventory Management
  • e-Payment Gateway, Banks
  • Meter Reading, Field Work Outsourcing, geographic information system (GIS), HES

Bill Extract and Bill Print Solution

  • Extract data for printing in configurable format
  • Dispatch of bills through multiple communication channels
  • Generates Bills, Statements, Receipts, Letters

Data Migration

  • Automate Extract, Transform and Load Process
  • Automate real time generation of scripts for data extraction/load
  • Standard Control reports for Data migration testing

Reports Suite

  • Standardized Operational Reports
  • Senior Management Reports and Dashboards
  • Compliance Reports for Internal Stakeholders

Large Pool of Bi-lingual (Arabic/English) Functional Resources

  • Support services are managed by trained, highly knowledgeable bilingual resources in the UAE / Middle East region.

Large Pool of Technical Resources

  • Technology services are managed and developed by sound technical resources who have years of experience in Oracle Database and Middleware Technologies like Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Application Servers

Local and Regional Adaptability

  • Custom Built Plug-in configuration allows fine-tuning of application to adapt to the regional business processes. This results in cost effective and faster development and deployment of systems

Salient Achievements in this field

  • iSON is the First company to implement Oracle CC&B system in the GCC and the Middle East
  • The first to implement Arabic enabled CC&B
  • iSON has completed four CC&B implementations in the GCC region
  • Developed utility best practices for local and regional requirements
  • iSON has developed a knowledge base to Develop and Integrate e-Services Portal with CC&B
  • iSON came up with interfaces between CC&B and other several applications including e-payment portals, IVR, Financial, SMS, E-mail, GIS, DMS Systems and MIS Reporting
  • iSON is a pro when it comes to implementation and cultural requirements of the region
  • The first to integrate Emirates Nation ID with CC&B
  • The first to implement ETPM (Pilot Project)