With proliferation of new technologies, services, content and devices, and an increasing adoption of converged networks, telecom fraud is no longer limited to subscription, roaming and internal scenarios. Due to the rapid pace of technological changes, fraud management has become more challenging with complex permutations and combinations of revenue, billing and data. Service providers need to proactively detect and provide real-time control to prevent revenue slippages both internally and externally.

Our fraud management solution is based on advanced, statistical self-learning models and adaptive rule-based approaches, ensuring real time protection for your entire revenue chain. The solution continuously monitors usage behavior throughout the customer lifecycle to identify any anomalous and fraudulent patterns. The solution’s proactive detection capabilities prevent losses across various lines of businesses and products ensuring end-to-end coverage.

The solution provides following benefits to clients:

  • Real-time fraudulent activity detection and tighter control across revenue chain, for scenarios ranging from simple to very complex frauds
  • Ensures protection at all times for small to very large service providers across various lines of businesses
  • Network technology agnostic, the solution can integrate with PSTN, cable, GSM, CDMA and IP based-networks
  • Highly responsive and adaptive to incorporate new fraud scenarios