Enterprise Mobility

The “Internet of Things (IoT)” and proliferation of devices – be it smartphones, tablets or handheld devices -- have compelled enterprises to change the way they operate today. With the growing need for adoption of technology, the customers are looking for “anywhere, anytime” access to services that reduce their daily transactional times and give them the freedom to do more on the move. Self-service is a new paradigm which every enterprise is looking at, for offering an enhanced and empowered customer experience.

With the speed at which businesses are shifting to a mobile-first strategy, the business impact of continuing with legacy systems can be huge if not addressed on time:

  • CIOs risk missing out on the mobility revolution for  not leveraging cloud/client technology
  • Client/Cloud mobility technology reduces the time required to deploy a new mobility solution from months to days
  • UI/UX and device form factors are constantly changing and client/ cloud self-care technology enables to use the best in shortest span of time

ISON helps enterprises leverage cloud/client technology to build a self-care mobility bouquet that can be productized using developer-oriented services.