Businesses today operate in a revolutionized world by constantly adapting to changes. . The pace at which technology is advancing, it’s crucial for organizations and enterprises to build strategies that are agile, innovative, transformative and optimal to respond to marketing dynamics; and are competent to sustain profits.

ISON provides a complete range of consultancy services in the following areas:

We can help expand your data center through our consulting services such as Data Center Planning and Pre-Design, Feasibility Studies and Cost Budgeting, Availability and Risk Management, Relocation Evaluation and Planning, Energy Usage and Efficiency Assessments, Virtualization Strategies and Assessments, Server Planning and Feasibility, Data Protection Planning and Feasibility.
We help our clients improve organizational performance through Project Risk Analysis, Project Management Office, Strategic Planning, Operations Planning, Fiscal Planning and Analysis.
We provide Network Consulting across network life cycle management for service providers including Network Planning, Design, Implementation and Operations.
We provide Contact Center Consulting services such as Contact Center Planning, Process Planning- Inbound, Outbound, back-office and technology setup, Feasibility Studies and Cost Budgeting.
We offer services that are aligned with COBIT5 recommendations, a business framework for the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT, which empowers enterprise governance and management techniques. It also provides globally-accepted principles, practices, analytical tools and models to help increase the trust and value from information systems