Pension and contribution Solution (AMAN)

Application Overview

ISON AMAN Solution a state of the art integrated packaged solution which has built-in features that can cater to processes in the areas of Contributions, Pension and Customer Service.

ISON AMAN Solution provides contributors and pensioners with a way to maintain and update their own information. Employees or their representative in their companies will be able to feed the system with data through a self-service module.

ISON AMAN Solution assists Pension entity to meet today’s challenges.

ISON AMAN Solution payroll system keeps accurate pensioners data stored in an easily accessible database. The system has the ability to update and maintain pensioners information and to generate required outputs including pay checks, reports to management and reports to the government.

ISON AMAN Solution was designed specifically to satisfy the requirements of Pension entity. And includes effective dating to ensure accurate payroll calculations.

ISON AMAN Solution is an integrated receivables Hub.

Key Benefits

  • Faster and more effective decisions
  • Closely integrated with Financial system back office applications and investment applications.
  • Assist in establishing process accountability and controls
  • Increase efficiency of Pension Entity with reporting and monitoring tools
  • Increase citizen satisfaction by quickly and effectively handling cases
  • Monitor Channel Usage and Migration in order to ensure that complaints are handled as cost-effectively as possible
  • Maximize Productivity and Resource Utilization through improved case load management, using automatic case assignment, and through predefined templates to guide users
  • Best practices for managing information (attachments, images, automation, workflows)

Key Features

  • Multi-lingual interface and reporting capabilities
  • Provide timely information and easy search capabilities
  • Provide adequate services to the citizens and measure service delivery
  • Online application and eligibility check for pension requests
  • Capture detailed information in a structured manner
  • Support multiple channels for subscribers to interact with the Pension entity
  • Centralized and consolidated Insured/pensioner information view